About Matterdays

Matterdays is weekly digital postcard delivered each Saturday. Inside you’ll find a grab bag of goodies, including personal anecdotes, links to articles I found insightful or charming, songs both joyful and poignant, and–if I’m feeling saucy–a snippet of fiction.

Why are you writing these?

For years, my thoughts have been private. My Twitter is full of likes and retweets, but few tweets. I’ve been lurking, afraid to share my thoughts with the world.

These weekly postcards are my way to break that pattern. To get my thoughts into the world. To coax that flickering ember inside my heart into a flame strong enough to withstand the wind.

Who is this for?

Me. I'm writing for myself.

But also you. Whoever you are, curious internet person.

This is for those kindred spirits who find joy and insight in small things–a turn of phrase, a song lyric, a moment in passing on a random Tuesday.

It's for me, and for you. That's what matters.